Expanding Axiz Cloud Technologies for the future of IT

With companies large and small looking to the cloud for the next generation of their computing environments, they must have access to the right skills and support to deal with the complex, hybrid environment in which they find themselves. Willie Jansen van Rensburg, Executive: Axiz Cloud Technologies, explains that to help their partners meet customers’…

The final frontier

Technology has certainly made it easier, and generally more pleasant, to be human; forks, spectacles, vaccines, shoes, engines, are just a few examples. And with the possible exception of cutlery, almost every area of human endeavour has seen gradual improvement over the years.

With biochemistry, it has long been possible to genetically modify human DNA, but it was only about two years ago in Shenzhen that things got real.

Seven steps to secure, manage remote workers

The coronavirus outbreak has put public and private institutions on high alert, forcing businesses to adopt telework in a bid to maintain ‘business as usual’ and ensure the health of staff.
According to Panda Security, while working remotely has become the norm, if the right tools are not available, it can pose a serious security risk and could mean a loss of control for the business.

African regulators urged to allow cloud tech in financial services

African regulators have to support and approve the use of cloud technology within the financial sector, says a new industry report.

The study, Cloud Banking in Africa: The Regulatory Opportunity, by Genesis Analytics and Orange Business Services, says cloud computing has the potential to unlock value in financial services through reducing costs.

It urges regulators to follow global trends in the use of cloud technology within the financial sector, saying cloud computing creates an opportunity for service providers to rethink their technology spend and significantly reduce costs.

WACS cable outage resolved

Repairs at submarine cable the West Africa Cable System (WACS) are complete. This is according to the South African National Research & Education Network (SA NREN), a major user of the cable, which first reported the undersea cable’s outage on 27 March.

4G infrastructure critical to Africa’s 5G success

The easiest path to 5G in Africa is through an infrastructure upgrade on 4G, says a senior industry executive. Daniel Ramirez, director of radio access network (RAN) products at US-based Teoco, says this means having a fully rolled out and successful 4G network is the most likely prerequisite for a successful 5G rollout.

Africa loses $2bn from Internet shutdowns

Sub-Saharan Africa lost more than $2 billion in economic value in 2019 after deliberate government action to shut down the Internet for more than 7 800 hours, a new report reveals.

Globally, more than 18 000 hours of Internet shutdowns around the world cost more than $8 billion in the same year.

Algeria, Chad, DRC, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe were among the worst offenders in terms of the amount of time the Internet was disrupted.

The report, which examines partial and total shutdowns across 122 countries, was published by the Internet research firm Top10VPN and builds on work done by the Internet freedom watchdog Netblocks and advocacy group The Internet Society.