Managed Infrastructure Services

Increasingly fundamental to business success is the quality of the connection between different offices, trading centres and sites.

Since as early as 1995, we’ve been developing key industry partnerships with the likes of Teraco, Cambium, CISCO, Intracom, amongst many others, to be able to offer a world-class product built on carrier-grade and best-of-breed layer one technologies. We are independent and have always been very careful never to let technology dictate our solutions.

How We Work:

  • Conduct a needs assessment to identify core business requirements.
  • Look ahead to see how these may change in the future.
  • Design a customised solution that is within budget and required parameters.
  • On the ground implementation.
  • Management and maintenance.

We maintain that the more of your connectivity we are able to control, the better we are able to ensure its quality.

Managed Business Connectivity
Value Added Services