Barry Gordon (Operations Director)

Inside VO Connect: A Glimpse into Operations with Barry Gordon

Dive deep into the operations of VO Connect as Barry Gordon, the Operations Director, shares insights about the company, its dedicated staff, and the unique culture that sets them apart.

Meet Barry Gordon: The Operations Director

Barry Gordon stands at the helm of VO Connect’s operations, overseeing the majority of the staff at the design quarter head office.

With a keen eye for operations, Barry emphasizes the importance of a dedicated and experienced team.

The Backbone of VO Connect: Its People

At VO Connect, the team is its greatest asset.

With over 40 years of experience, especially in the sales and project departments, the company thrives on a family environment.

This sense of unity and camaraderie ensures everyone looks out for each other.

Daily Round Tables: Fostering Collaboration

A unique feature at VO Connect is the daily round table.

Here, the team collaborates to devise unique solutions for their customers, ensuring they always deliver the best.

World-Class Offices at Design Quarters

VO Connect’s offices are not just functional but also serve as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.

The VO Cafe and its iconic coffee machine have become popular spots for staff and customers to interact.

Adding a touch of nostalgia, the boardrooms and meeting rooms are named after previous office locations, reflecting the company’s rich history.

VO Connect’s Vision and Mission

As their tagline suggests, “We connect businesses,” VO Connect prides itself on its approachability and family-oriented values.

Their unparalleled service levels make them a leader in their industry.

Rewarding Excellence: Incentives and Acknowledgments

VO Connect believes in recognizing and rewarding its staff for their exceptional service.

Monthly rewards, chosen by the Managing Director, serve as an incentive for staff to consistently deliver top-notch service.

This culture of acknowledgment has further elevated the company’s service standards.

Creating an Optimal Work Atmosphere

The company’s culture and state-of-the-art office environment contribute to staff performing at their best.

At VO Connect, every individual brings something unique to the table, making the company a mosaic of talent and dedication.

In Conclusion

VO Connect, under the leadership of Barry Gordon and with its dedicated team, continues to set benchmarks in the industry.

Their emphasis on collaboration, recognition, and a family-oriented approach makes them stand out, ensuring they not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

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